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BD Rowa™

Individual Training

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Book your individual training now for your BD Rowa™ automation solution. From the handling of a commissioning system to the adaptation of processes and team structures or an improved consultation using digital signage screens – the content of each training can be separately chosen together with our customer success consultant.

This individual training can also include a point-of-sale training for BD Rowa™ Vmotion in which we are showing you how to handle and operate digital OTC shelves in daily operations.

Our team of experienced pharmacy experts is your reliable and competent partner for questions concerning the operation of BD Rowa™ systems. The nationwide and international exchange of experiences and best practices guarantees up to date trainings and use case scenarios. The training* can be booked in 30-minute intervals.

* The training will be conducted in your pharmacy with max. 5 participants per training. All prices are excl. VAT, incl. travel cost. In case of a necessary overnight stay, BD Rowa reserves the right to charge additional fees. After booking, our team will contact you within 3 working days to arrange the date and, if necessary, the detailed training content.