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BD Rowa™

BD Rowa Secondary Plastic Packaging

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The plastic packagings enable the stock input of special forms or containers into the BD Rowa™ Vmax or Smart; e.g. round and oval packs. The durable packaging can be re-used and restocked after being removed, just like any other article.

To determine the contents, the contained articles are scanned, packaged and stocked.

Size 1: Dimensions approx. 50 x 50 x 100 mm, Weight: 90g

Size 2: Dimensions approx. 70 x 35 x 150 mm, Weight: 130g

Size 3*: Dimensions approx. 90 x 90 x 200 mm, Weight: 300g*

Size 4: Dimensions approx. 90 x 90 x 120 mm, Weight: 220g

* Size 3 secondary packagings CANNOT be output using a conveyor system.