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BD Rowa™

BD Rowa System Backup

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For added security for your stockroom. BD Rowa™ System Backup offers protection in the unlikely event that both of your BD Rowa™ system's computers are down at the same time. The failsafe reliability of your storage and retrieval system is therefore maximized.

If all of the storage and retrieval system’s management computers fail, BD Rowa™ System Backup can be used to access a copy of the inventory database of all packs that have been input. This copy is stored on an external storage device. The external USB storage operates independently of the management computers and guarantees that packs in the BD Rowa™ system can continue to be located again if both computers are down. Fully automatic operation can thus be restored again faster.

Operating instructions for BD Rowa™ System Backup on the Vmax160

For activation on the BD Rowa™ Vmax210 please contact the Rowa Service Hotline and follow the instructions (chapter 8 - page 100)