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BD Rowa™

Rowa Cleaning Module

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The BD Rowa™ cleaning module automatically cleans the glass shelves in your BD Rowa™ Vmax or Smart.

The cleaning module is a special device onto which a Swiffer cleaning cloth is fitted and which can be grabbed and moved by the picking head like a normal medicine pack. The tool has a barcode and is input in the BD Rowa™ Vmax or Smart like any other packs. The cleaning function can be activated simply at the press of a button via the BD Rowa™ system's touchscreen interface or can be scheduled for a specific time, for example also at night. The picking head empties the filled shelves completely before cleaning and then refills them again afterwards automatically.

The BD Rowa™ Vmax or Smart automatically outputs the cleaning module after a certain number of cleaning runs so that the soiled Swiffer cloth can be replaced. A new cloth is stretched on with ease, the barcode scanned and the cleaning module input again – ready again for a new cleaning task.

The Swiffer cloth is not included in the delivery.

The Rowa cleaning module is compatible with the following systems: BD Rowa™ Vmax130/160/320, BD Rowa™ Smart