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BD Rowa™

BD Rowa Product Carrier

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Storage of vials, tubes, small canisters and other special forms.

The BD Rowa™ product carriers enable the stock input of bottles, tubes, small jars and other special variants into the Vmax or Smart automated storage and retrieval systems.

The BD Rowa™ product carrier can be used for medication in special forms from the Rx, OTC and self-service display product range. Special forms refer to packaging units such as vials (e.g. homeopathy), tubes (e.g. cream) and small canisters.


  • Place the medication in the product carrier with the barcode facing upward and secure in position
  • Scan the barcode
  • Input the product carrier with the medication under the item’s product number (EAN)

Technical Data

Size (L × W× H)Min. size of special containertype (L × Ø)Max. size of special containertype (L × Ø)
S: 105 × 42 × 46 mm32 × Ø 10 mm70 × Ø 32 mm
M*: 160 × 66 ×70 mm56 × Ø 24 mm125 × Ø 56 mm
L*: 200 × 122 × 126 mm115 × Ø 42 mm165 × Ø 112 mm

* Size M and L product carriers CANNOT be output using a conveyor system.