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BD Rowa™

Premium carton packaging (supports BD RowaTM picking machines, conveyor technology and pick-up terminal)

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The secondary cardboard packaging allows the stock input of special variants in the BD Rowa™ Vmax or Smart; e.g. round or oval packs that previously had to be stored manually.

The boxes are also usable for our BD Rowa Pickup as an outer packaging for your pickup customers.

One packaging unit includes 20x cardboard boxes of one size. To determine the contents, the contained item is scanned, packed and stored.

Your premium advantages:

  • Stable 1-wall outer packaging
  • Automatic bottom for fast set up
  • Adhesive closure for easy closing
  • Tear strip for easy opening

Size 1: 145 x 127 x 61 mm = 1120ml

Size 2: 215 x 127 x 71 mm = 1940 ml (not for retrieval with spiral chutes) - no longer available!