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BD Rowa™

BD Rowa™ Dose housing for large canister, transparent, smoke-grey

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SKU: 1081202

The large canister housing can be equipped with existing canister parts in case the original one is broken or worn out.

The replacement housing is used in BD Rowa™ Dose canisters to replace broken canister housings. If an existing housing is damaged, the parts can be attached to a housing instead of ordering a complete new canister.

You can identify the matching variant by checking the assembly number located on the side sticker.
Example: 1081317-15000-00007 is variant 15000

This product is compatible with all BD Rowa™ Dose systems. It is made of the same material as an original canister.

If you need assistance regarding the specification of your canisters and the required variant, please contact the canister team or your Key Account Manager at BD Rowa™.