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BD Rowa™

BD Rowa OTC shelves

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The BD Rowa™ OTC shelves improves the presentation of packs on the shelves.

The OTC shelves not only allows you to use the available space on the shelves but also the space in terms of height and depth. Instead of the rear panels of the shelves, the customer sees the packs one behind the other in stepped formation and thus gains a better view of the OTC display.


Depending on the concept, the BD Rowa™ OTC shelves can be arranged with filled or empty packs. The OTC products are then stored completely in the Rowa storage system in this case.

Technical details:

  1. Size 1: 300x147x120mm (W x D x H); Depth per step: 45mm
  2. Size 1: 300x183x120mm (W x D x H); Depth per step: 55mm
  3. Size 1: 400x147x120mm (W x D x H); Depth per step: 45mm
  4. Size 1: 400x183x120mm (W x D x H); Depth per step: 55mm

The steps have a height of approx. 40mm. The OTC shelves are made of colorless acrylic glass.